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The picture was purportedly taken of Hanuman in a cave at Manasarovar Lake (Kailash) in the Himalayas during 1998 summer. When on Sunday the 9th May, 1999, I saw this strange picture of Hanuman reading the Ramayana, in the house of Sri V. Srinivasan at Rohini in North-West Delhi, I was awe-struck. I had never seen this picture before.
This is what I have got from a person who says it is one of the few originals of the Hanuman photos. The government of India every year during the summer "before the onslaught of monsoon", gives permissions after medical check up, to selected individuals and send them in groups to Manasarovar Lake near Kailash. Such groups necessarily will consist of different nationalities, and different people from different regions of India.
A group of people went to Manasarovar for a piligrimage trip. It is said that person taking the picture saw a light inside a cave, photoed that light and died there on spot for reasons not known (this part every one is confirming who went along). Later the friends developed the roll from the camera and got this print!.
It is not sure how much it is true but many people are believing it. It is a fact that Hanuman does exist in flesh and blood because he is a Chiranjeevi (immortal).
The photo is as thrilling as the anecdote."

Jay Sri

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