Dear Honourable Prime Minister Scott Morrison,
Happy New Year! Hare Krishna!

I am a traveling monk, an ISKCON* Spiritual Master visiting branches in Australia. Our society is teaching the science of how man’s consciousness affects the ecology of God’s nature.

In this bushfire emergency so far material solutions seem to be of no avail. Therefore I humbly offer my service to inspire the public to participate in an enjoyable spiritual solution which can by God’s Grace bring rains to put out the fires.

This is called ‘sankirtan yoga’ or the “all together ” chanting of God’s Holy Names. It is nonsectarian so anyone can sing their preferred names of God…like Christ, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Rama etc.

After we arrived in Australia from NZ on 24th December, 15 of us chanted on the streets in downtown Sydney and it immediately rained for about 20 minutes. If through the media we can inspire thousands or more to join in this yoga practice by God’s grace it can do the job we all want.

What is the loss if we try? After all, it is said, “necessity is the mother of invention”.

I humbly request you to take this seriously and if necessary give me time to discuss this with you personally.

Yours sincerely
Mahavishnu Swami
(Mr John Riddihough,UK citizen aged 74)

*International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=81413

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