Greed by Radhanath Swami


Wherever we see the greed for wealth, gold, power, prestige, name or fame – consequently we see a rise in hate, envy, fighting and war.
Greed is a source of misery because it never gets satisfied. Its demand increases more and more, despite of our efforts to pacify it. It is compared to feeding a blazing fire, no matter how much amount of fuel you put in, the fuel gets consumed in seconds. It always ends in dissatisfaction.
The harder you try to satisfy this enemy of greed, the deeper you fall in the abyss. Its like voluntarily taking a noose around your neck and making it tighter and tighter with every step.

As long as we are engaging this enemy of greed for our selfish purposes we will be tormented. But when the things of this world- wealth, gold, power, prestige, name and fame are used in service to God and humanity, without attachment and pride, then we will experience the tranquility of peace and love within. We must always remember the principle of God consciousness – simple living and high thinking. Otherwise this enemy of greed will wash away all the good qualities of the soul.


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