Greater Beauty by Bhaktimarga Swami

7932466894?profile=RESIZE_400xSome of us will never forget this date—September eleventh—a sad day in human history. On a positive note, it is also the date that marks the birthday of a dear follower of Krishna. His name is Keshava and I remember this day of his, not because he is a terrorist, by any stretch. He is a kind-hearted Malaysian Canadian. I wish him well. Very well!

I walked to Saint Jamestown, to a clinic, to intimate a medical check-up for next week. A queue of people were standing in the hall, waiting for the green light to welcome them in. I came to the back of the line, which wasn’t so long. A client walked in after me, with a sample for the clinic woman at the door. “I brought my pee!” She proclaimed, as she held it in the air. After all this is the place where you give some consideration to your physical make up.

Our guru tells the story of “Liquid Beauty” in the magazine, “Back to Godhead,” which he first published in 1944. Here it is, in short:

A young prince set his eyes on a beautiful woman. Spontaneously he wanted to arrange to meet her and, perhaps, win her hand in marriage. The young woman, knowing his intention, agreed to meet one month later. She had a plan to help open his eyes. So, for that time, before the prince came to take her to the ballroom, she took laxatives and collected the by-product, excrement and all, in containers. When the prince arrive to meet his date he was horrified to see an ugly, emaciated woman. He asked, “What happened to your beauty?” So she brought him the containers to see. Her point: beauty is only skin deep. There is a greater beauty that lies within.


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