Bhaja Hari prabhu asked me to take over his cafe in Watford, then shortly after we were texting each other about a massive Harinam we were organising that evening, he texted me about sound systems and how he planned to distribute 3,000 booklets. Seconds later he suffered a fatal heart attack. Two years on the cafe is going strong. We changed it to a “Pay As You Can” cafe, in other words if you are hungry and have only 2p in your pocket, you can still have a full meal.

We have a great team of supporters, in fact the Watford Football Club (7th in the Premier League), are our supporters.

For this project we got 100% support from the police, the Mayor, local politicians, local charities, local businesses, supermarkets, football clubs and one unique aspect of the project is we made solid friendships with some ministers from a Christian church and we are working together as a serious team.

The cafe is beautiful, clean and friendly. So many people came for the opening ceremony that many couldn’t get through the door. The Mayor loved the taste of so many different preps and remarked that only people who serve out of love can produce such food.


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