Radha or Radhika is the chief of the Gopis. She made Aradhana of Krishna. Radhika means literally one who makes Radhana or Aradhana (worship). She was an embodiment of love. Radha is an embodiment of Lord Krishna Himself. Radha and Krishna are inseparable like heat and tire.Gopis' love for Krishna was supreme love. For them Lord Krishna was the living God. He was the moving image of the Supreme Lord. Their faith was intense. When they thought of Lord Krishna they forgot their worldly activities. They were merged in the love of Krishna.Gopis love was not sexual passion. It was pure unselfish divine love. They did not wish for Krishna's embrace, but they tried their level best to make Krishna embrace Radha. To achieve this end, they sent Krishna to Radha under many pretexts. By so doing they enjoyed a bliss hundred million times sweeter than of selfish enjoyment. Krishna was very much pleased, when He witnessed the pure, selfless love of the Gopis. The unselfish love of the Gopis intensified the Prema Rasa.Radha is the creeper of the Love of Krishna. The Sakhis or Gopis represent the leaves, flowers and twigs of this creeper. If the nectar of dalliance with Krishna waters the creeper, the leaves, flowers and twigs rejoice in it hundred million times more than themselves if they had been watered.If you want to gain Krishna, you must serve Him as a Gopi. You must adore Him with the mental attitude of a Gopi. The devotee who worships Krishna with a Gopi Bhava, enjoys the Madhurya Rasa.Excerpts from book LordKrishna by Sri Swami Sivananda
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  • Intense love for Krishna. Too good!! Hare Krishna Mataji!!!!
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