Corrado and I and a new seeker, Abhijit, who works with healthcare workers, took to a walk on the shady side of the street.  Eventually we found ourselves in a tree-bound neighbourhood, but before that we noticed and increased amount of traffic noise.  Personally I was left to ask the question, “When will we ever sober up?”  More particularly I’m seeing the display of testosterone male power in the form of revving up engines.  They are noisy, loud and fast.
Since the global lockdown less traffic is found on the road which some younger fellows see this as an opportunity to use the roadway more so as a raceway.  One guy was caught by police going at 300 km/hr speed.  That’s outrageous!  You would think that with all the illness and deaths created by Covid-19 that it would have that moderating effect.  But “No!”  How soon we forget?  The slowdown, the serenity around and the purging of the environment that people have witnessed would all be testimony to the direction we should stay on.
But I guess some people don’t get it.  To join us on the walk was Mahabhagavat, who was on his second major trek (18 km from his home) and we analyzed that humans are like mosquitoes.  We are asleep but when the hotter weather kicks in we are all over the place wreaking havoc.  This is analogous to the current policy of opening up of more retail stores.  The traffic is increased and so is the madness.  The spiritual component can help.
I wanted to recognize the passing away of two souls that occurred this morning: Shyama from Brampton at 85 and Raghunatha from Markham at 69.  They expressed their devotion in beautiful ways.
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