Good Chats by Bhaktimarga Swami



It is a familiar location for me, as Ananda and I stepped carefully beside the pond in John Avant Park with its dry and sometimes slippery edge.  It's a man-made body of water, dug to address excess storm-water.  A great job was done with the landscaping, and tree and bush plant management around the pond and the adjoining creek.  Very pretty!

A question came to mind, which I consider natural, as a visitor to this province and city.  Since the name Saskatoon has been chosen to label this place. "Why don't we see more of the Saskatoon berries growing around?" And "Why couldn't this neighbourhood be more endowed with a prevalence of this nice treat, especially when first planning its landscaping?"

We walked by a woman taking pictures of the fowl swimming about: the occasional pelican, duck, and gull, water birds, basically.

"Hi!" said Ananda to her. She responded favourably.
I asked about where the Saskatoon's (the berries) were.  She mentioned that you don't find them here but in a nearby park.  But now that we had each other's attention, our conversation went to a more important area—the spiritual one.  We moved from berries to birds, to our comfortable-looking clothes, and then on to the Creator.  It was a nice and natural transition, something you want to see happen more when meeting a new person.  It makes for the best moments of the day.  Much later that day the joy of ‘real’ conversation continued with a younger businessman, who is struggling with life, like anyone else.  Most people hold problems inside but this guy opened up.  It's the start of liberating yourself.
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