Golden People by Bhaktimarga Swami


High Park is currently graced with golden rod. To some people, its colour offers an exotic flair, and it is hard to control their spread.

The location where we chant weekly is at a fork in the road, at the main entrance where we are is very visible, but the golden rod is found more in the woods, however, they can be seen in all their glory. It is our experience that pedestrians and cyclists that come through at that entrance cannot but become touched by the kirtan. Perhaps that’s what is the draw. There are people here searching for a “Heart of Gold,” (Neil Young, check it out, one of the best songs to come out of Canada).

There were golden people to join us with the chanting, including Jaram and family. His boy, 3 years old is my guess, was mesmerized by Ajamila pumping away at the harmonium. He certainly helped himself to the keyboard trying to jazz up the music. Overall, the session today, which included dancing, was just so blissful.

Part 2 of today was a Janmastami fest at the IGita Yoga Studio in Oakville. At this event I surprised myself with offering the group of 40 or so, some simple dance steps. Krishna Chandra, by the way, danced out my narration to my poem, “Krishna, His Birth and His Escape” to the sound of Holtz’s “Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age.”

Once the program was over, Kasyapa drove K.C. and I to downtown Toronto, leaving us some distance for walking. K.C. remarked, “You’re not limping anymore, Maharaja.”

Good to hear. That’s due to the new knee.



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