Go Ethical/Consciousness Vegan, Hare Krishna's ! ! !

     I am a long time animal advocate with strong compassion for ALL animals. My heart, soul, and mind are in perpetual grief for, e. g., cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, elephants, bears, horses and ALL other non-human animals. I am vitally and hauntingly aware of the countless forms of animal abuse/neglect that is perpetrated upon defenseless innocent animals at the hands of cruel human beings and supported by indifferent and cruel human beings. What deeply concerns me about the Krishna Consciousness Movement is that devotees and those who lead the movement are supporting the cruel dairy industry and perhaps other animal cruelty and exploitative industries by not being a movement that is Vegan!

     Clearly, the cow's milk that is purchased extremely frequently by devotees is the product of the horrifically cruel diary industry which includes cows being kept inhumanely and cruely pregnant and beyond words full of milk and when the cow gives birth to her calves they are brutally ripped from her and the mother cow and her babies are immediately separated and the calves are not allowed to drink her milk.  There are video exposes on the internet that are gut wrenchingly heart breaking and infuriating.  The use of the calves are for veal (locked in small crates so that their muscles do not develop) and many times the calves are starved so that they are easier to skin alive for their leather.  I will stop here with the graphic horrific truth of supporting the dairy industry involves.   I will follow this post with links to a group that refers to themselves as Hare Krishna and who are promoting Veganism, and also to an article urging Hare Krishna's to Go Vegan ! ! !



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