Glory of Holy Name

Glory of Holy Name
(Taken from the book Sri Bhajana Rahasya)

The Visnu-rahasya states:
yad abhyarcya harim bhaktya
krte kratu-satair api
phalam prapnoty avikalam
kalau govinda-kirtanat

Whatever fruit can be obtained in Satya-yuga by devoutly performing austerities and so on for hundreds of years, can be obtained in the age of Kali simply by chanting the names of Sri Govinda.

satya-yuge sata sata yajne haryarcana
kalite govinda-name se phala-arjana

“The result received in Satya-yuga by meditation on Bhagavan, in Treta-yuga by worshipping Bhagavan through great sacrifices, and in Dvapara-yuga by performing arcana of Bhagavan according to proper rules, is obtained in Kali-yuga simply by chanting nama-abhasa, a semblance of Sri Krsna’s names.”
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