Every year on the 3rd lunar day of waxing phase of the month of Vaisakha, we celebrate Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akshaya Teej or Parashuraam Jayanti. 

Akshaya, literally means, that which can't be worn out, or deteriorate or that which always exists.

It becomes more important if it falls on Monday along with coincidence of Rohini Nakshatra. Any austerity, any charity, any attempt to gain spiritual knowledge on this day bears a permanent effect. 

Anything began on this auspicious day, tends to get the same nature as of the day, the fact we will know from the following incidences as mentioned in Puranas - 

1. Satya Yuga begins on this day. 

2. Mother Ganga descended on this planet on this very day. 

3. Lord Parashuraam, who is still living, appeared on this day, also known as Parashuraam Jayanti. 

4. Maa Annapurna, who is an expansion of Parvati, appeared on this day and gave alms of grains to Mahadev. 

Since then she is worshiped as Goddess of in-depletable grains, Annapurna. 

5. Lord Krishna's dearmost friend, Sudama, came to Dwaraka on this day, and He gave him akshaya opulence, not comparable even with the wealth of Lord Indra, as a reciprocation of his four handful of chipped rice(chura). 

6. Duryodhana tried to disrobe Draupadi on this day, but Lord Krishna supplied unlimited amounts of cloth when she helplessly cried for shelter and protection of the Lord. 

7. Sun God gave Akshaya patra to Pandavas, that could feed unlimited number of people, till the time Draupadi hasn't taken her meal. 

8. After a long tapasya, Kubera, became the treasurer of heaven on this day. 

9. Every year in Jagannatha Puri, Lord's chariot making starts on Akshaya Tritiya. 

Even in ISKCON Kolkata, following the same tradition, all official preparations for Rathyatra , starting from donation collection, starts on Akshaya Tritiya. 

10. On this day, Vyasadeva, started composing the greatest epic, Mahabharata. 

11. The coastal area of Konkan region from Goa to kerala, which is also called Parashuraam ksetra, appeared on this day. 

Parashurama is an incarnation of Vishnu. He was born on the Earth, to sage Jamadagni and his wife, Renuka. Parshurama took the severe penance to seek the blessings of Shiva. Pleased with a devotion, Shiva gave axe(Parsha) to Parshurama.

Once there was a king called Kartaviryarjuna. He wanted to take away powerfully the Kamadhenu cow that was in the protection of sage Jamadagni. As the sage did not permit Parshurama’s brutal act, Kartaviryarjuna killed Jamadagni. When Parashurama came to know the fact, he realized that the autocrats were misusing their power. So he fought with Kartaviryarjuna and killed him. He further killed the misbehaving rulers of 21 generations.

Parashurâma engaged in eighteen major battles and three minor ones against the kshatriyas and eliminated them all.

Subsequently, Parshurama worshipped Lord Shiva. Afterwards, with the divine order, he threw his axe into the sea to retrieve the land from the ocean as far as the axe went. Thus, the retrieved land is called ‘Parashurama Kshetra’ or Parshurama Land. This land extends from Gokarna in the north to Suchindram in the south of Kerala. Around108 places in this land, Parshurama worshipped Shiva. At each place, the temple is constructed.

When the removal of the kshatriyas had finally been accomplished, Parashurâma gifted away to Kashyapa all the lands left behind after their demise. From that time onwards new kingdoms developed under the control of saints and scholars and the responsibility of steering the nation fell into the hands of intellectuals.

With the gifting of all His lands to Kashyapa and the subsequent establishment of all these new kingdoms, Parashurâma then had to find a completely new place for Himself to live in. To this end Parashurâma ordered the king of the oceans thus: `I have to create a new land for my residence. Move away towards the West and stay as far away as my arrows go.'(according to some, He threw His axe) 

Parashurâma then shot his arrows and the ocean retreated as ordered. The land thus recovered, which stretches from Maharashtra to Kanyakumari, is known as Parashurâma-kshetra.

12. Vijay vigrahas, at Sri Jagannath Puri temple--- Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan, along with Bhu Devi and Sri Devi, Sri Ram Govind (Krishna Balaram) along with 5 Shiva lingas(Jamesvara, Kapaal Mochan,Lokanath, Markandeshvara, Neelkantheshvara Mahadev) are taken on two boats on Narendra Sarovar, to have cool refreshing boat ride in the evening after the end of hot days for 21 continuous days. 

So this day is a very nice opportunity for devotees, as even whatever little devotional service is done, will bear permanent fruit. 

Please try to chant more rounds, hear more Krishna katha and absorb more in reading scriptures and worshiping the Lord with devotion. 

From this day,  starts 21day long Chandan Yatra festival, when Lord will be applied Sandalwood pulp on His body as a cooling effect to get relief from the scorching summer season. Almost all iskcon temples worldwide celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm. 
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