By Madhava Smullen

The Gita Nagari farm in Port Royal, Pennsylvania has launched the Bhakti Immersion Experience, a Krishna conscious residency for new and experienced bhakti practitioners aged 18 to 28 with three, six or nine-month options.

The program is tailored towards both second generation devotees looking to get some formalized ashram training and experience in full-time temple/farm service, and young people who are relatively new to bhakti and would like to learn more.

“It’s a finite amount of time, so it’s not so intimidating, yet it's a very full and complete experience,” says  Champakalata-sakhi Devi Dasi, co-facilitor of outreach and education with Vinoda Kovida Das. 

Alongside the several-month-long Bhakti Immersion Experience, there are also Bhakti Yoga Weekends for those who already have some foundation in bhakti practice, and would like to learn about the lifestyle of a bhakti yoga practitioner, but have a busy schedule and can only get away for a weekend or a week at a time.

Finally, there are Weekend Yoga and Meditation Retreats for complete newcomers to bhakti.

Read more: https://iskconnews.org/gita-nagari-farm-launches-bhakti-immersion-experience,7965/

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