Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Sakhi's request to Radha
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

When Radha saw Krsna enjoying affectionate exchanges with all the cowherd maidens in the groves of Vrndavana, she became indignant because he had not acknowledged her eminence. She immediately departed for another part of the forest and hid herself inside a shady bower that resounded with the drone of bumblebees. Bewildered by love for Radha, Krsna was sitting in a dense grove on the Yamuna riverside feeling deeply depressed. Radha’s dear friend came to speak to him and told Radhika's condition. When Krsna heard the moving account of Radha’s pitiful condition from her intimate friend, he suggested, “I will wait here. You should go to Sri Radha, pacify her with my humble appeal and then bring her here.” Engaged thus by Madhuripu Krsna, that sakhi approached Radha and spoke the following words.

rati-sukha-sare gatam abhisare madana-manohara-vesam
na kuru nitambini gamana-vilambanam anusara tam hrdayesam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire vasati vane vanamali
(refrain) (1)
“Vanamali Krsna is adorned with a garland of forest flowers and his hands are always restless to inflict pain upon the gopis’ breasts. He is currently waiting in a forest bower on the gentle Malaya-windswept shore of the Yamuna. O young woman with voluptuous hips, Krsna is waiting in the appointed meeting place, which is a perfect setting for lovemaking. He is dressed in the most fascinating attire, exactly like the god of sensuality. Go and meet with the darling of your heart at once. You should not delay any longer.”

nama-sametam krta-sanketam vadayate mrdu-venum
bahu manute nanu te tanu-sangata-pavana-calitam api renum
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (2)
“O Radha, he is softly playing his flute, as if calling your name. He considers himself immensely fortunate to be touched by so many dust particles that have first touched your body. As they come to him on the breeze, he receives them with the utmost honour.”

patati patatre vicalati patre sankita-bhavad-upayanam
racayati sayanam sacakita-nayanam pasyati tava panthanam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (3)
“As Krsna joyfully makes the bed, he experiences many internal visions. When a bird landing on a tree rustles the leaves and makes the slightest sound, Krsna glances with startled eyes along the path of your expected arrival.”

mukharam adhiram tyaja manjiram ripum iva kelisu lolam
cala sakhi kunjam satimira-punjam silaya nila-nicolam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (4)
“Sakhi, go! Move in the direction of that kunja. Take off these dangerous enemies, your ankle-bells. They talk loudly when you walk and they shake when you enjoy union. Put on this dark blue garment.”

urasi murarer upahita-hare ghana iva tarala-balake
tadid iva pite rati-viparite rajasi sukrta-vipake
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (5)
“O Radha, your complexion is yellow like a flash of lightning. You will manifest the beauty of a restless and crooked streak of lightning upon a dark cloud when the result of your pious activities culminates in making love upon Krsna’s chest, which is decorated with a necklace of jewels.”

vigalita-vasanam parihrta-rasanam ghataya jaghanam apidhanam
kisalaya-sayane pankaja-nayane nidhim iva harsa-nidhanam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (6)
“O blue lotus-eyed Radha, be naked and without your waist-chain. Establish the treasured jewel of your thighs, the embodiment of your lover’s joyful fulfilment, on a bed of freshly sprouted leaves.”

harir abhimani rajanir idanim iyam api yati viramam
kuru mama vacanam satvara-racanam puraya madhuripu-kamam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (7)
“Now Sri Krsna is being stubborn. The last period of the night is about to pass, so accept my advice. Go at once, without further delay, and fulfil the desires of Krsna, the enemy of Madhu.”

sri-jayadeve krta-hari-seve bhanati p parama-ramaniyam
pramudita-hrdayam harim ati-sadayam namata sukrta-kamaniyam
dhira-samire yamuna-tire... (8)
O saints! Krsna is exuberant, causelessly merciful, exceptionally sweet, virtuous and adorned with all desirable qualities. Offer obeisances to him with a joyful heart by reciting this song of Sri Jayadeva, the composer of the most enchanting poetry and the servant of Sri Hari.

vikirati muhuh svasan asah puro muhur iksate
pravisati muhuh kunjam gunjan muhur bahu tamyati
racayati muhuh sayyam paryakulam muhur iksate
madana-kadana-klantah kante priyas tava vartate
“O impassioned woman, your beloved Krsna is waiting for you in the hidden chamber of a kunja and he is burning with amorous desire. He draws long breaths and looks around with startled eyes. Repeatedly lamenting in indistinct
words, he comes out of the bower of flowering vines and then returns again feeling disappointed. Then he continues to arrange and rearrange the flower bed and glance towards the path of your expected arrival.”

tvad-vamyena samam samagram adhuna tigmamsur astam gato
govindasya manorathena ca samam praptam tamah sandratam
kokanam karuna-svanena sadrsi dirgha mad-abhyarthana
tan-mugdhe viphalam vilambanam asau ramyo ’bhisara-ksanah
“Along with your contrary mood, the sun has also set. Along with Krsna’s desire, the darkness has also intensified. Like the continuous crying of the lonely cakravaka bird, who laments in pathetic tones during the night, my request has also become futile. O bewildered one, I have been pleading with you for a very long time. Now it is useless to delay any longer. The delightful time for abhisara has arrived.”

aslesad anu cumbanad anu nakhollekhad anu svantajaprodbodhad
anu sambhramad anu ratarambhad anu pritayoh
anyartham gatayor bhraman militayoh sambhasanair janator
dampatyor iha ko na ko na tamasi vrida-vimisro rasah
“When a hero and heroine search for each other in the dense darkness, the hero meets with another heroine and his heroine meets with another hero by mistake. Only when they begin to converse do they realize their error. After
recognizing each other, they embrace. At first they kiss and then they begin to mark each other with their fingernails. When they become completely overwhelmed by erotic desires and absorbed in passion, they lose their
composure and excitedly begin their love-play. After making love, both will feel an astonishing type of affection. What sort of rasa, mixed with feelings of shame, will not be attained in this darkness? Therefore, O beautiful one,
go! As quickly as possible, go to your sylvan love chamber. Are such excellent opportunities ever to be neglected?”

sa-bhaya-cakitam vinyasyantim drsam timire pathi
prati-taru muhuh sthitva mandam padani vitanvatim
katham api rahah praptam angair ananga-tarangibhih
sumukhi subhagah pasyan sa tvam upaitu krtarthatam
“O beautiful young woman! Timidly looking around with quickly moving glances, standing close to each tree, then again gradually advancing step by step along the dark path, you will somehow arrive at a secluded place. When the
greatly fortunate Krsna sees you agitated by the waves of kama, his life will be successful.”

radha-mugdha-mukharavinda-madhupas trailokya-mauli-sthalinepathyocita-
nila-ratnam avani-bharavatarantakah
svacchandam vraja-sundari-jana-manas-tosa-pradosodayah
kamsa-dhvamsana-dhumaketur avatu tvam devaki-nandanah
He is the bumblebee who drinks the honey of Radha’s lotus face. He is the sapphire ornament of Vrndavana, which is itself the crest-jewel of the three worlds. Like nightfall, he is naturally competent to satisfy the beautiful dairy maidens of Vraja. He annihilates the aggressive empiricists who overburden the earth. He is like the star Dhumaketu, foreboding destruction for Kansa. May that Sri Krsna, the son of Devaki, protect you all.

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    Hare Krishhna, Mataji.


    No doubt ginger is the best medicine describe in Ayurveda but if you take high dose of it than it will be prove harmful to health, similarly what you are posting is a very high does for a living entities like us who are full of lusty desires and so…

    Please, post something relevant to our practical life. Of course Krishna Katha is good but not from Gita Govind. It is to high and even none of us capacity to even respect it.

    Actually there is a fault in reader side too. Instead of reading from Srila Prabhupada’s books we are running after these books and not only that but by commenting on such blog, it encourage you to write more.
    Please, follow Srila Prabhupada’s way and not let other to get misdirected or misguide. Please encourage them to read Srila Prabhupad’s books only as he told many times that everything is there in his books. No need to read any things else then his books.

    Hare Krishna.

    Jai Srila Prabhupada Ki Jai!!!
  • The abode of Transcendental love.

  • Radhe Radhe maataji filled with Prema rasa..........................
  • Radhe Radhe!

    What a nice narration of krishna and radha rasa lila.

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