Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Beauty of Krishna as told by Radha
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

viharati vane radha sadharana-pranaye harau
vigalita-nijotkarsad irsya-vasena gatanyatah
kvacid api lata-kunje gunjan-madhu-vrata-mandalimukhara-
sikhare lina dinapy uvaca rahah sakhim
When Radha saw Krsna enjoying affectionate exchanges with all the cowherd maidens in the groves of Vrndavana, she became indignant because he had not acknowledged her eminence. She immediately departed for another part of the forest and hid herself inside a shady bower that resounded with the drone of bumblebees. Feeling wretched, she began to disclose secrets to her intimate female companion.

rase harim iha vihita-vilasam
smarati mano mama krta-parihasam (refrain) (1)
“Sakhi (friend), how amazing it is that in this festival of rasa, Sri Krsna has abandoned me and now, with cheerful curiosity, he is relishing love in the company of other amorous young women. Even so, I still continue to remember him within the core of my heart. He fills the flute in his lotus hands with a transformation of the nectar of his lips by blowing and producing a sweet expressive melody. Wishful glances from the corners of his eyes make his jewelled head-dress quiver and his earrings dangle near his cheeks. I repeatedly remember his attractive dark
complexion, his laughter and his humorous behaviour.”

rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (2)
“Memories of Sri Krsna are coming to me most vividly. His hair is adorned with a charming peacock feather, which is beautified by its natural half-moon-shaped design. His lustre resembles a mass of fresh rainclouds, coloured by an abundance of brilliant rainbows.”

bandhujiva-madhuradhara-pallavam ullasita-smita-sobham
rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (3)
“He lowers his face with the desire to kiss the faces of the gopis in the festival of Cupid. His tender lips are an enchanting soft reddish colour like the bud of a scarlet mallow flower. The unprecedented lustre of his mild smile spreads across his handsome face. Memories of that very Sri Krsna are coming to me most vividly.”

kara-caranorasi mani-gana-bhusana-kirana-vibhinna-tamisram
rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (4)
“I am helplessly remembering Sri Krsna, whose entire body thrills with horripilation when he deeply embraces thousands upon thousands of youthful gopis with his arms as tender as flower petals. He illuminates all directions with sparkling beams emanating from the jewelled ornaments on his hands, feet and chest.”

rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (5)
“His forehead bears a captivating tilaka. Its indescribable lustre defeats the immense beauty of a restless moon amidst a multitude of fresh rainclouds. I simply go on remembering how cruel-hearted Krsna is always fond of inflicting pain upon the invaluably precious nipples of the most qualified young ladies’ large breasts with his own chest, which is as broad and solid as a door.”

manimaya-makara-manohara-kundala-mandita-gandam udaram
pita-vasanam anugata-muni-manuja-surasura-vara-parivaram
rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (6)
“The beauty of his cheeks is enhanced by his enchanting, jewelled, makarashaped earrings. He accepts the role of a submissive hero (daksina nayaka) and generously fulfils the hearts’ desires of his lovers. Attired in a yellow garment, Krsna has diffused his sweetness and saturated the best of his followers, including demigods, demons, sages and humans, in prema-rasa. Such memories of Krsna are forcefully coming to me of their own accord.”

visada-kadamba-tale militam kali-kalusa-bhayam samayantam
mam api kim api tarangad-ananga-drsa manasa ramayantam
rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (7)
“My heart becomes increasingly agitated by remembering Sri Krsna. After arriving beneath a broad kadamba tree in full blossom, he waits for me while looking around in anticipation. He completely dispels his own fear of separation by consoling me with many clever and flattering words of encouragement. His eyes restless from the powerful waves of desire and his mind full of longing, he revels in loving pastimes with me in my heart of hearts.”

sri-jayadeva-bhanitam ati-sundara-mohana-madhuripu-rupam
hari-carana-smaranam prati samprati punyavatam anurupam
rase harim iha vihita-vilasam... (8)
Sri Jayadeva has presented this poem for those fortunate persons devoted to the service of Bhagavan(God). It describes the spell-binding beauty of Krsna’s form. It is the very embodiment of remembrance of Sri Hari’s lotus feet and it should be relished after taking complete shelter of the primary rasa.
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  • Haribol,

    It's an excellent expalanation about the divine beauty of Lord Krisna. The Baisnav poet, Joydev Goswami had whole hearted devotion on spiritual practice, which made him a strong devotee of Krisna, and gave him substantial spiritual strength, and also the transcendental knowledge about Krisna's past time. Thus his poetic feeling became so perfect with the absolute bliss of Lord krisna. It is noticeable that each and every words used in his poem practically help us to visualise the Radha Krisna Lila, even we are poor in anticipating the real meaning of it.

    Joy RadheKrisna.

  • u explain the beautybof krishna very clearly.. mazzzaaaaaa gyyaaaaaaaaa
  • Hare Bol
  • very nice mataji......
  • K-krshna,is the most
    n-naughty and
    aise......rasa rasieya ko mera bar pranam hai.
  • radhe radhe ji ......................thanks for this post describe krsna's immense beauty and love of radhe for krsna..................your post are are really precious.............please give me your blessings so that i can become more pure........................and just dip myself in krsna's love more.............radhe radhe ji
  • Hare Krishna. Dandavats to all Devotees
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