Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Radha’s gaze upon Krsna
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

vasante väsanté-kusuma-sukumärair avayavair
bhramantéà käntäre bahu-vihita-kåñëänusaraëäm
amandaà kandarpa-jvara-janita-cintäkulatayä
valad-bädhäà rädhäà sarasam idam üce sahacaré
Once, in the splendid spring season, when Radhika was pining for Krsna, she began to search for him in one forest grove after another. Her elegant, young limbs, soft as madhavi flowers, grew weary and Cupid made her mind delirious with anxiety.

murärim äräd upadarçayanty asau
sakhé samakñaà punar äha rädhikäm
Radhika’s sakhi(friend) expertly searched for Krsna and saw that he was nearby. He was immersed in joyful pastimes with beautiful young gopis, who were receiving him with the utmost respect. An intense greed for delightful, sensuous pastimes suddenly awakened in Krsna’s mind when the gopis showed their eagerness to embrace him. Pointing out this scene to Radha, the sakhi spoke to her in a hidden place.

harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare
viläsini vilasati k keli-pare (refrain) (1)
“O playful Radha, look! Dressed in yellow cloth and a garland of forest flowers, with sandalwood paste smeared upon his dark limbs, Krsna feels the utmost elation as he enjoys pastimes with captivated young brides in this Vrndavana forest. His earrings swing to and fro, the beauty of his cheeks is astonishing and his face displays a wondrous sweetness with the honey of his playful laughter.”

péna-payodhara-bhära-bhareëa harià parirabhya sa-rägam
gopa-vadhür anugäyati käcid udaïcita-païcama-rägam
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (2)
“Look, sakhi ! One gopi is firmly embracing Krsna with intense attachment. Pressing the heavy burden of her voluptuous breasts against Krsna’s chest, she has begun to sing with him in the fifth musical mode.”

käpi viläsa-vilola-vilocana-khelana-janita-manojam
dhyäyati mugdha-vadhür adhikaà madhusüdana-vadana-sarojam
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (3)
“Look, sakhi ! This gopi is meditating on Krsna. He arouses lust in the hearts of sensuous young ladies with the romantic sidelong glances of his restless eyes, and she is greedy to drink the honey of his lotus face.”

käpi kapola-tale militä lapituà kim api çruti-müle
cäru cucumba nitambavaté dayitaà pulakair anuküle
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (4)
“Sakhi, look at that! One curvaceous milkmaid has leant her face close to Krsna’s cheek on the pretext of whispering a secret in his ear. When Krsna understood her love-laden intention, his bodily hair stood on end. Seeing his reaction, that expert heroine has seized this favourable opportunity to fulfil her cherished desire. With the utmost delight, she has begun to kiss his cheek.”

keli-kalä-kutukena ca käcid amuà yamunä-jala-küle
maïjula-vaïjula-kuïja-gataà vicakarña kareëa duküle
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (5)
“Sakhi, look! One gopi discovered a secluded place in a charming grove of cane on the bank of Yamuna. Impelled by kama-rasa and a joyful fascination for the amatory arts, she caught hold of Krsna’s yellow cloth with both hands and dragged him away.”

räsa-rase saha-nåtya-parä hariëä yuvatiù praçaçaàse
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (6)
“One young lady claps her hands while dancing, enraptured in the ecstasy of the rasa. Sri Hari praises her upon hearing the marvellous melody of his flute combined with the sound of her trembling bangles.”

çliñyati käm api cumbati käm api käm api ramayati rämäm
paçyati sa-smita-cärutaräm aparäm anugacchati vämäm
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (7)
“Impelled by his craving for srngara-rasa, Krsna is embracing one of his beloveds; he is kissing another and somewhere else he enjoys passionate congress with another. Elsewhere he gazes expectantly at the face of another lover, while appreciating the nectar of her sweet smile. Somewhere else he is following a woman who has left him in a huff.”

çré-jayadeva-bhaëitam idam adbhuta-keçava-keli-rahasyam
våndävana-vipine lalitaà vitanotu çubhäni yaçasyam
harir iha mugdha-vadhü-nikare... (8)
May this auspicious, delightful and astounding song of Sri Jayadeva increase the good fame of all. This song bestows all virtues. It describes Radha’s gaze upon the wondrous mystery of the sensual games performed by Krsna as she laments in separation from him in the bowers of Vrndavana. It extends the excellence emanating from those forest pastimes.
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