At noon we had a Zoom. “Mindful Trinity” is a regular broadcast/podcast from South Africa and I had the pleasure to be interviewed on one of those “Tales from Trails” by an elegant host, Vaishnavi Carana.

It certainly puts me back on the road when recalling and conveying the stories from the trails of past walks. It will be 25 years ago that I began my first marathon walk across Canada. In April 1996 I took that journey, which lasted seven and a half months, starting in British Columbia and finishing in Newfoundland in December.

Vaishnavi was multitasking with the interview in the sense that she was Zoom-ing, YouTube-ing and, to my knowledge, utilizing Instagram all at the same time. I don’t know how she got the technical side to behave in her favour. Anyway, the interview went well according to her.

A second Zoom for the day occurred with our Oakville group as we completed our reading and discussion of chapter 16 from The Gita. We determined once again that a good substitute word for “demonic” (as in a person’s character) is “whimsical.” Several times the purports of Prabhupada make use of this word. Whimsy implies a sense of being confused, casual, directionless and scattered. They are traits that you are not necessarily to be proud of.

In two weeks, this group will dwell on chapter 17, which is most interesting.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/02/saturday-february-20-2021.html

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