Some restrictions becoming relaxed on Covid discipline has made it more possible for a flow of freedom in places like High Park. From noon until 4 pm, a small group of us bhakti yoga followers gathered at what Nick called “the Hill” for kirtan performance. It’s a great spot in a great park where people come to chill.

I managed to catch the last few minutes of the blissful chant before embarking on a trip (by car) north to Caledon and to a farm. Visiting this sixty-four-acre land in the rolling hills north of Toronto was a real treat, not only because of the breath of fresh air myself and three companions were experiencing, but unique to this farm are the special features it offers. For instance, this new facility has this high-tech self-cleaning automated operation all to accommodate the bulls and cows in the winter season. It is their feeding space, living space, and pooping place.

These beautiful mammals also receive a lot of love from owners Vishal (who boldly gets on the back of this feisty bull for a ride), his wife Yashomati and their three children. Both animals and humans are in love with each other. 

The four of us visiting took to chanting, as we had done in High Park, in the barn which actually has living quarters affixed to it. We enjoyed prasadam in the living room which has four large windows that allow you to view the animals in the barn. Cows, bulls, and horses could hear our kirtan and, like a happy family, grouped together to listen in through those windows. It was precious.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/06/saturday-june-12-2021.html

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