Getting Connected by Bhaktimarga Swami


It was great seeing one family again. They had come to Niagara from Hungary to participate in his parent’ 50th anniversary. That, of course, is a great milestone.

The family – Nila Gopal, Sukhayanti and two daughters (twins, actually, at 8 years) – began their spiritual life here in Toronto some years back, then moved to Hungary for a rural life and school for their daughters. Nila trains oxen. Sukhayanti is an organizer.

In such circumstances, when acquaintances meet after some years of separation, there is catch up time. “How is so-and-so doing?”, “How are the cows and bulls?”, “Oh you are getting 30,000 tourists coming to Vraja dham (the farming community) each year?”

We also talked silly and shared jokes such as:

1)     Why did the cookie go to the doctor? Answer: Because it felt crummy.

2)     I wrote a song about a tortilla. Actually, it’s more like a wrap.

3)     Where do animals go when their tails fall off? Answer: The re-tail store.

4)     Why did the stadium get hot? Answer: All the fans left.

I also received a visit from another pair of proud parents. Dharma and Manasi Ganga, from Mississauga, came to announce the upcoming marriage of their son, Vyenkat. I’m extremely happy for them. I had no time for jokes. Monday night is time for slokes (verses from the Gita). The theme was reputation and how Krishna puts so much emphasis on keeping up a good name. Chapter 2.


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