For many years, the ISKCON GBC Strategic Planning Team (SPT) has been serving the GBC by offering strategic advice, guidance and solutions for the benefit of the whole of ISKCON. Now, to help devotees stay safe and cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the SPT has put together a global task force team that gathers and disseminate both spiritually uplifting and materially useful information. 

They collect content from anywhere in ISKCON (and beyond) and will share: 

1. Ideas on how to productively engage in Krishna consciousness while being confined at home, and also on how to engage children and teenagers.

2. Ideas on how to associate with each other in various ways while not leaving your place.

3. Best practices adopted in various ISKCON communities in the world to take care of the devotees and protect each other. 

4. Ideas on how to do outreach from home.

5. Useful information on the virus and on ways to prevent infection and the spreading of infection. 

6. Reminders of standards of safety - individual and collective.  

7. Analysis of developments in areas such as economy, geopolitics, security, etc. 

8. Anything else that could be useful to the devotees. 

Devotees our requested to please share this information as widely as possible through email, websites, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

All the relevant information will be disseminated through ISKCON News, Dandavats and via various other channels on a daily basis, and all the sent out materials will be categorized and archived for easy research on http://gbcstrategicplanningteam.com/

Devotees can write to the SPT at: contact@gbcstrategicplanningteam.com

And specifically for prayers' requests - for devotees infected: prayers@gbcstrategicplanningteam.com  

Stay home and stay safe. 

Source: https://iskconnews.org/gbc-strategic-planning-team-offers-devotees-support-to-face-covid-19-challenges,7310/


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