Gangasagar Mela 11th – 17th January 2021!


Dear Well-wisher,
Hare Krishna! Greetings along with the blessings of Lord Kapil Muni and Ganga Mata! We pray this letter meets you and your family in good health during this challenging COVID-19 pandemic. With the New Year already here, we are looking forward to happiness, prosperity and success. Darkness is inauspicious and the light brings auspiciousness. On Makar Sankranti the Sun-god will make northward movement, uttarayana, to bring light and auspiciousness. Makar Sankranti is an occasion of auspicious beginning in the New Year. Makar Sankranti is associated with several auspicious events: * Lord Vishnu, on Makar Sankranti, killed all demons and buried their heads under the Mandara parvata. This signifies end of the evil and beginning of auspiciousness on Makar Sankranti. * Maharaj Bhagirath brought Ganga to earth and performed tarpan on Makar Sankranti for his ancestors and liberated them from a curse. * During Mahabharata, after lying on the bed of arrows, Bhismadeva left his body on Makar Sankranti. * Pongal, Lohri, Poush Parbon, Sakraat, Uttarayan, etc. celebrated regionally.

The Matsya Purana states: “On the day of Makar Sankranti, one should feed devotees and the poor sumptuously. Those who make offerings on this day are rewarded by Sun-god in many future lives. Unlock is started in India. So, we expect on Makar Sankranti day laks of pilgrims and yogis will congregate at Ganga Sagar with the complete faith on their holy deep like every year. In order to welcome auspiciousness, by respecting COVID-19 food safety protocol we are planning to distribute freshly cooked delicious sealed full meals in container, consisting of rice, dry sabji and pickle made of seasonal vegetables. Our target is to distribute 1 lak free meal to tirtha-yatri. Each full meal preparation cost is Rs. 20/- only. You have always been a generous supporter. A kind-hearted person like you can understand the value of quick responses on ISKCON’s free food distribution program organized during COVID-19 pandemic crisis on Makar Sankranti day. Our goal is to raise Rs.21 laks. Any funds raised beyond the goal will be used to create permanent facilities for needy tirtha-yatris throughout the year at sagar island. Big or small every donation count. Please help us achieve this goal and become a patron of this campaign, simply donate as per your capacity (at least Rs. 2,000/- to serve 100 free meals or more). I request you to spare a few minutes and write a cheque in favor of “ISKCON GANGA SAGAR FUND” and send it with the completed donation form by registered post or courier. Please refer to the enclosed brochure for alternative modes of donation such as bank deposit, credit/ debit card payment, NE-FT and netbanking.


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