Full Dependence on Krishna' Mercy

I may fail any test in any circumstance but I will not be discouraged. I will continue to traverse the path of Bhajana; and my master, who is eternally worshipable for me, most compassionate and the deliverer of the fallen, will definitely shower his blessings upon me. “Kṛishna krpa karibena dṛḍha kari jane – A fully surrendered devotee always hopes that shri Krishna will be kind to him. This hope is very firm in him. (Caitanya-caritāmṛta, Madhya-lila).
“Dubalo yadi na to dube dube va – Even if my boat has sunk and I am drowning, I will not give up my efforts.” This principle will give me strength. I will not become bereft of hope at any time. No tendency other than bestowing bliss can remain in Bhagavan, who is the embodiment of complete bliss. He is the controller of everyone, and therefore in His dispensation there must be an arrangement to bestow bliss, and only bliss, upon me. I am His servant, so He will surely protect and maintain me. Of this there is no doubt.

bhūmau skhalita pādānāṁ
bhūmir evāvalambanam
tvayi jātāparādhānāṁ
tvaṁ eva śaraṇaṁ prabho

“Just as the ground is the only support for those whose feet have slipped, You are the only shelter even for those who have offended You.”

Remembering this statement again and again, begging everyone forgiveness for my offences, and fully dedicating myself to the service of Krishna and His dear associates with determination, I will continue to offer prayers to the Krishna and his devotees with a service attitude. It is only by their merciful blessings that I can overcome all my tendencies other than to perform bhakti and attain bliss by rendering service unto them.
Hare Krishna!!!

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