From the Window’s View by Bhaktimarga Swami

8492961272?profile=RESIZE_400xThe corner of Avenue Road and Roxsborough is notorious for auto accidents. I was sitting at my usual corner, inside what we call Prabhupada’s quarters, when I heard a slam/bang sort of sound. I looked outside to what I perceived as the source of sound and sure enough two vehicles clashed. Sad! Damage was done. Both motorists appeared unharmed. Police came very fast and efficiently. Paramedics too, just to see if there was a need.

From my view, glancing through the third-floor arched window, I could see the incident/accident. A sigh of relief came my way knowing 1) that no one was hurt, and 2) this is a confirmation for me that walking beats driving. As I’ve mentioned before, “pedestrians don’t have head-on collisions.” It’s safer to be on foot.

From that same window I had a look to the south which reveals a row of homes, pedestrians, trees and skies. I can see clearly through the window pane the weather conditions and I can determine how many layers of clothing I should don for my daily walk. Some flurries came today. Not much. It’s an extraordinary winter, one that’s quite moderate, one that the polar bear is likely not happy with.

Of course, we’re talking about further north. Sad that they are on the list of endangered species. And while I was on the phone with a call from Vancouver, at that same corner of the room with the arched window, I was informed that in Africa the giraffe is now on the list. That’s also sad. Poachers are a big problem. Guns! One of man’s most destructive toys. Guns — on par with the automobile!


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