From Lake To Lake by Bhaktimarga Swami


A last few steps on the Trans Canada Trail and on Huntsville's boardwalk meant my end of the visit to this cottage country town. It had been a great experience - a rejuvenating fest of 2,500 in attendance. The day before was the Beer Fest at the same location. I think we may have surpassed the number of beer-happy people.

Apart from Krishna's championing this event, like all things, I also want to credit the man who played a major role in sharing the new Krishna Cultural Centre on Main in Huntsville along with the first annual Festival of India. He pushes his projects and this is one of the many, a most holy one. His name is Lajput Prasher, whom I've known for decades. Before his aging father passed away he told Laj, his son, "Help this swami!" And he was referring to yours truly. So, he did it. Laj made a home with a temple and restaurant where you feel like you want to "stay and play."


Thank you Laj and your family.

Those last few steps by Hunter's Bay Trail before departing for Orillia was with a group of greats. (To me, anyone who takes on a distance on foot is my hero.) Amongst them were Mahadeva and Annapurna, a musical couple whom I have known since the pandemic. Although trained in various aspects of Yoga by different gurus, when they read the books of Prabhupada, they found something very definitive in bhakti. I want to thank them for their singing tunes that are easy to follow .

From Huntsville Vyasa and family took me to Orillia, hometown of Stephan Leacock and Gordon Lightfoot. At Lake Couchiching for a final few steps of the day. Thanks Nimai and Nayan.


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