From 1 km We Build up by Bhaktimarga Swami


A bit of a mile stone for me: I managed to walk fairly straight along the not so trustworthy balcony, without crutches. Yahoo! Perhaps Jayho! Which means pretty much the same thing. A sigh of relief, victory and healing. It tallies at 1 km.

Cameron is just a great help to me. He is with the Red Cross, does mostly construction work but took time off to take care of matters in the temple, and me. I’m grateful.

He brought up my lunch — a plate laden with asparagus, curried veggies, exquisite dahl soup and an avocado smoothie. I thought, “How fortunate I am when much of the planet’s population is divested of food, or not enough or weened on mostly processed products. I am a spoiled brat, in a sense, and feeling undeserving.” With a great meal, as described above, I can say I live like a king. I must count this as a blessing.

Another blessing is time. I programmed my day in such a way as to put pen to paper and get back to some poetry writing. For the upcoming Ramnavami I was entrusted to retell the story of Ram. A work in progress. What a pleasure this brings! Like the song goes, “What a wonderful world!”

I’ve been “Blessed by the best” as friend, Krishnanandini used to say. On my Zoom call last Sunday I was reminded of the phrase by followers in Cleveland. What a great crew! Before Covid we used to meet at Pelee Island for an annual summer retreat. Cleveland, Detroit and Toronto folks would gather for sangha, divine togetherness. Another reason to say Yahoo or Jayho!


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  • A beautiful life for a most deserving Maharaja🙏🌷🌹🌻🌼🌿🌺🌴🌻
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