As devotees, we don't realise the great fortune of being able to wear the attire of a Vaishnava, apply Tilak on our forehead, wear Tulsi beads on our neck, chant the Holynames of Krishna, associate with His wonderful devotees, engage in His service, honour His prasadam, visit His holy dhamas, circumbulate Tulsi, see His holy deities, hear His Katha, participate in His festivals, read His words in the scriptures. These are by no way ordinary activities. These are blessings of an immeasurable kind. What we are given access to and the kind of devotional life we are given a chance to preform is very rare.

Only very very fortunate souls get the fortune to get connected to the Lord through anyone of these activities. Indeed, great demigods long to experience this kind of life. And the best part is that we have been offered all this fortune without any qualification of ours. One time, one disciple asked Srila Prabhupada, "What was our qualification that we got to meet you and took to the path of devotional service?" Prabhupada nonchalantly replied, "You'll don't have any qualification of your own to receive this mercy. I made your qualification." Similarly, none of us are qualified to receive the immense treasure of Bhakti, it was only by the mercy of devotees that we have got entry in this path. Mercy of the Lord comes through the channel of the mercy of His devotees. 

Therefore, let us value this opportunity, cherish each aspect of it and value each moment if it with gratitude, love and eagerness. That is the best way to reciprocate with the Lord for His immense kindness upon us for this fortune beyond our imagination and beyond our qualification. 
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    I offer my humble & respectfull Obeisance to his divine grace Srila Prabupad, all Krsna devoties, and lotus feet of Lord Krsna.

    Its truly Beautiful and very informative.
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