Fortunate by Bhaktimarga Swami


Once a week I get to see godbrothers (go bros for short) and godsisters (I prefer no abbreviation here) on Zoom. These souls I have the greatest reverence towards. Many of them are pioneers of Krishna Consciousness. That makes them very special.

This call occurs every Wednesday. To me it’s administration day because the discussion involves amazing challenges that they take on. At least in my context of thought I perceive them as heroes because they tackle some overwhelming issues at times. You can say It’s dirty work. They discuss and plan through incredible hurdles.

Their age? Many of them are in their seventies so they are not the most photogenic looking folks but they possess beautiful hearts. They are a blessing, being children of the guru, Prabhupada, either through diksha or shiksa; initiation or being a good student respectively, or both.

What brings people to such an illustrious status is their great ability to share ideas, to listen to other’s ideas, come to a decision and consensus and then implement.

Although I’m part of the group, I cannot claim to be on their level of intelligence or surrender. I became part of the team by luck, by chance, by mercy. I am fortunate to be the observer of great minds coming together.


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