Devavrata Prabhu writes: Recently, I asked a boy whom I have been cultivating during the Corona-virus shutdown to write a testimony of his experiences in Krishna consciousness. I hope that devotees are finding it inspiring to reach out to the people we have met and to nourish the relationships.

Here is what Chris wrote:

When I met my wife, she was practicing an Indonesian martial art known as Poekoelan Tjiminde Tulen. It was deeply traditional, and I was struck by its cultural authenticity. I, too, wanted to experience this unchanged tradition. Similarly, the traditional spirituality and religion followed by the devotees of the Krishna consciousness movement gave me the same opportunity, and I can feel the joy and healing already blossoming in me.

I’ve been calling Devavrata Dasa weekly for a few months. I was touched by the strength of his devotion to both the teachings and to me personally. His patience, love, and sincerity during our conversations set them apart in my heart from any other conversations I have had – and now I know that Krishna is the reason.

It was not long before he offered me the large collection of books, Srimad Bhagavatam, I now have in my home. I cannot express how touched I was to receive such a massive collection of spiritual teachings. These teachings grace my house with their presence. This is a gift I will be experiencing gratefulness over for the rest of my life.

It was enjoyable clearing off my bookshelf to make space for this set. You can see the books “living” in the picture. My wife helped me clear the bookshelf and move these teachings to the shelf. We spoke of Krishna and all the different modes of love we can know him by.

I have been chanting one round per day of the mantra on the japa beads that arrived with the books. For once in my life I feel that I can practice a spirituality that makes sense to me. I know I will continue this practice for the rest of my life, and that my life will be better off.

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