makṣikā nyāyaḥ (fly logic)

Flies are by nature bothersome creatures, always looking for wounds and ulcers on otherwise fit and healthy body.

We already explained in bhramara nyāyaḥ and nīrakṣīra viveka nyāyaḥ the opposite mentalities. The fly represents fault-finding mentality of uncultured envious persons. As flies, there are people who day and night point faults in anything and everything. Even they see just one inadequacy, while rest is perfect, they have to mention just that. Actually, they criticize that what is considered usually perfect, because it does not fit into their self made perfection. Unfortunately, on this phenomenon is based all interactions of present societies as seen in media, internet or television. Unless one is cynically profound and apt to point naively or sophistically some self measured shortcoming in others, he or she is not counted among modern up-to-date men. They do this for common mundane topics, and much worse, even when it comes to spiritual topics. They can not withstand sovereign position of bhagavān Śrī Kṛṣṇa, and His entourage, of which they have next to nil knowledge. This fly like sarcasm makes them happy while thinking that they greatly contribute to the society progress by such howling. Indeed, they suffer by this, and will more in the future, because they will be smashed and whisked away by stronger creatures than they are.

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