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Finish With a Green Ravine by Bhaktimarga Swami

For a morning and early afternoon stretch, I accompanied Keshava and Jai for fundraising. We seemed to go all over the town; off to businesses, a clinic, and a factory, with gifts of books, cookies and calendars. Those whom we visited are regular donors to our Ratha Yatra or Festival of Chariots, and this being our 47thannual, you should know we are going strong!  We are grateful to meet all these people who are of that generation which came to Canada bearing that Hindu piety, and at best genuine bhakti, devotees to Sri Krishna.  We are grateful.

It did cross my mind as to how the second generation scores from a spiritual perspective. From my observation, it is not always that hot: I will be so bold as to say that the system our kids are born into of  secularism, doesn’t always allow them to have a chance to cultivate their spiritual sides. Most graduates come out of school adapting to very strong non-believing faith values.  It is no wonder that our guru had once referred to educational institutions of today as slaughterhouses.  I agree—souls are killed.  I believe a young person actively in adoration of a Divine helper, will be offered so much support, and so much hope, which will allow that individual to reach a dimension of sublime reality.  Just pray and see what happens.  Just believe and see the same.  Just love and it will be returned.

My second half of excitement for the day was a zealous walk through a green ravine in the city with Ekalavya and Jai.  It was fabulous.

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