The local devotees of Krishna Consciousness pulled off a great fest today; the first of two days to honour Jagannatha, the Lord of the Universe, on this 44th celebration. Back they are to the procession on Ste. Laurent and then to Rue Mont Royale. Our group from Toronto and the Bhakti Academy took to the stage for the performance of “Demon.” Actually, community theatre like this is very meaningful. My experience tells of the best form of teamwork. From age eight up to my age (I’ll be 70 this year) our troupe put hours of anticipation in an offering to our public at Jeanne Mance Parc.

Once my duty of assembling the play and delegation of responsibilities were over, it was time for me to take to another duty and habit. It’s usually an annual trek for me to walk back to the ashram in Montreal’s Hochelaga, a mere eight kilometres. I get the chance to wind down from the crowds and connect a bit more with the city and its people.

So, I set out on Mont Royale, which for many blocks is open only for pedestrians. What a treat that is! In terms of directions, all I had to do was to move towards Olympic Stadium, which is a towering symbol in the Montreal skyscape. I was chanting on my beads all the way and keeping that tie-in and buy-in with Krishna and His great devotee, Prahlada.

The sun was setting by the time I arrived at the temple/ashram on Pie IX Blvd. It was great being on the street and being at home.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2022/07/saturday-july-9-2022.html

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