Today I am writing after a long time. As if I had stopped living for all this while since I stopped wiritng. Really WRITING IS LIVING. I read today-  to write is a verb not a noun. Meaning it is an action word. It can never be stagnant or still. It has to be dynamic has to always be moving. Over the years my heart seemed to have dried I don’t know how I allowed that but it was kind of a degradation of my soul. This trip which I had alone to a beautiful and spiritually charged place has opened my inner creative side and I really want to explore it now. Life is an elixir it rejuvenates you and makes you experience the love of god. Life is meant for that. But we close god out. We close that love from our heart by complaining and whining for our imagined miseries. There is no misery there is only love We have to feel and experience that love which is there in the heart.

             Life is for living not for lamenting. But this cause of punishment can be a cause for our liberation if we use this facility properly. So I have this choice. To choose life and love over pain and suffering. Oh god I hope and pray I learn this lesson and learn to live life and live love. Love is something to be felt and expressed. Express it with your actions express it with your words, express with smiles or express it with hugs but express it! That is what can fulfill your hearts. There are tons of people in this world who have never received love or care. Who need so much love, and if we give this to them it satisfies our very soul. There are people who are in this world who have nothing else no money no possession no wealth or position but who have love filled to the brim in their hearts. I have just met such people they are none other than the brajwasis, who may be poor externally but who are we to give them anything. It is an illusion if we think that we are in the position to give them anything. Money is nothing but paper. We give them some paper it has no value. But they give us something which is invaluable their hearts love. The least we can do is bask in the sunshine of that love. Feel that love.

              Oh how can I ever forget these great souls who gave their love so selflessly. How can my steel framed heart not melt to see such kind of people. No doubt the material sense gratificiation has hardened my heart to such an extent that the love and bliss of these peoples heart is not able to reach my heart. Only the warmth of their loving heart will melt the hard frozed ice like heart of mine. Just bring them closer just bring them closer. When the warmth comes close to us our heart melts and the liquid love flows from our hearts. And this liquid can wash away the dirt and dust of material pleasures and luxuries away from our hearts. Then our hearts can be pure , crystal clear like a mountain spring and then we can drink the nectarean mellows of love of Krishna. So come lets open our hearts and let the love flow.

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  • I knew it I knew it I knew it!
    The volcano of talent in yourself can hardly be kept stemmed by a few frail rocks of underconfidence!
    Great writing Mataji, keep it up!
    your eternal servant
    eternal muser
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