Hare Krishna, Please clear my doubt that We have to fast from MILK for one month (THIRD MONTH OF CHATURMASYA)

And Also from milk and products.

Please Clear my doubts as soon as possible.

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu. Chaturmasya is a monthly vow to lessen our sense gratification. This month is milk. As Maral Mataji stated, it is recommended. Do it if you possibly can and take strength from your determination.

    I don't take milk products at all myself, so it is not a sacrific for me personally. The first month without green leafy vegetables was however. Perhaps you could use the laxmi you would have spent on milk or milk products (ice cream, etc) to support our cow protection / ahimsa milk farms. Google "cow protection" for some options - is one I support.
    Haribol! Your insignificant servant, - David



    The International Society of Cow Protection
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    Hare Krishna Prabhu, yes, it is recommended but not must. Just whatever we eat should give us strength to do our service to Devotees and Krishna. some times before i heard from an Devotee astrologer she told that it is time for cows to begot child because of that we should not drink that milk. also here was written

    i also can not imagine life without milk, but what to do?

    Your servant, 

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