Farewell by Bhaktimarga Swami

We had a farewell walk… Does that make any sense?  It's been my tenth year here.  I'll be making it back for the fest next year, so how can it be a legitimate good-bye?

The farewell walk to Regatas Lake was a spontaneous stroll, more exclusively for our drama team. Like all the components that made up the festival, the work was hard. But at least I could see that while everyone else around the temple took time to relax, our actors and crew pushed it a little harder and made this walk under a blazing sun.  In many ways, our bond was made strong through service, and a year’s separation is very real. I also wanted us to say to each other, “Muchos gracias.”  

In and around a park bench, we reflected on the good week we’d had, what we’d learned, and what we hope to do as a project next year.  I gave some options of stories.  It seems like the group wants to tackle the story of the walking deity, Gopal.  

I want to especially thank the couple Seva Kunj and Camila.  They have great skills at coordination and communication.  Both have artistic talent.  

Seva was initiated some years ago.  Now it was Camila's turn.  I'm proud to announce her Sanskrit name, Kaveri, which is the name of a sacred river in the south part of India.  In truth, I think this couple is just divine.  I see them doing seva, or service, together throughout their lives. 
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