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Every year we arrange a lunch for the Canadian pilgrims. This year, Gauranga's Garden became our venue for bhakti-yogis from the Great White North to assemble.  Monks/swamis well known like Sivarama, BB Govinda, Gopal Krishna and Bhanu Swami came, either on foot, or by rickshaw, to bless the occasion of eating.  We also saw some happy cooks.
We are also in the swing of what is called "Kirtan Mela," which takes the shape of a five-day marathon of chanting with instruments.  Traditionally kirtan is done while dancing, but on most occasions I've seen, people sit around the lead singer who usually plays a harmonium.  This means the attendees are inclined to sit down.  I am more of a traditionalist in this regard.  With my time slot of 3:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., I insisted on the stand-up-and-sway method. The reciprocation was great. The moving of bodies was dynamic. The smiles were oceanic.
From the kirtan hall, I reached the samadhi in preparation for our premier of "The Queen's Secret." Crowds poured in.  With lights out, the sound of the conch blew, and the show began.  After an hour-plus of telling the story of a queen and her lost son, the standing ovation came.  Then, outside, in the lobby you can say, the actors met the audience. There was an outburst of appreciation.
May the Source be with you!


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