8545864075?profile=RESIZE_584xFrom doing things for Krsna to looking after people who were doing things for Krsna to looking after people for Krsna, all these things come up in devotional service. The mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu offers us a golden opportunity that if somehow or other, we can take advantage in the service we do for this mission and in our personal behaviour and in our dealings with the vaisnavas, then surely we can go back to Godhead. As I said, in my youth, I was sometime careless in my dealings with others. But now I regret that as I realise now that every vaisnava is very precious. Even one relationship spoilt with one vaisnava is one opportunity to receive mercy blocked. So I am now regretful for my careless dealings and now I am trying to be more careful and more appreciative in my dealings of vaisnavas. I appreciate the mercy that comes from the vasinavas because this is directly the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Source: https://www.kksblog.com/2021/02/every-vaisnava-is-precious/

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