Escape by Bhaktimarga Swami


I managed to keep a proper social distance from moose, bear and cougar while in the north country for the day. My companion, Jivan Mukta, and I escaped from the big city for a three-hour venture to a marvelous 200-acre property he just purchased, near Algonquin Park, for a potential yoga retreat site. En route we did witness a mishap. A young moose did get killed by a motorist. Sad news, but this is a reality when the world of modernity comes face to face with the natural world.

But back to pleasantries. The plot of land has many gorgeous features including much waterfront being edged at Lake Bain. There’s 200 acres of sprawling, rolling-hills with a mix of trees, areas of clearing meadow punctuated by ambient rock of the Cambrian. The place is remote, in a way, and that accounts for the clean air and water. However, some cities, Sudbury and Northbay, are situated at a close enough distance. The call of the white-throated sparrow dominated the ether while other signs of wildlife are abounding. Some scant was found; the excrement of some creature, perhaps coyote.

We scouted the area, on foot, and then sat by the waters edge for kirtan, after which we munched on wraps of a deliciousness only to be had in the outdoors.

It was just perfect; Krishna’s mercy. We pray to be back again sometime soon and make our way to a Muskoka project in Huntsville.


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