eParikrama 2020 Day 9 – Sanket

8140384655?profile=RESIZE_584xIn 2017 and 2018, His Holiness Kadamba Kanana Swami took us to Sanket, the meeting place for Srimati Radharani and Krsna. Check out Maharaja’s full kirtans and lectures below, along with a few photos, at Sanket during Parikrama 2017 and Parikrama 2018.

Sanket is the place where Radha and Krsna meet. They reside at Varsana and Nandagrama but Sanket is in the middle at the half-way point, and this is where They meet. Sanket is representative of where Krsna meets His devotee half-way. So like Radharani, we can think about how we can actually attract Krsna. What can we do to personally attract Him? Krsna hides bhakti as it cannot be attained so easily. It is explained in the Nectar of Devotion that bhakti is su-durlabhah (rarely attained), yet it is bhakti that we are after, nothing else. It is this pure devotional service which is sri-krsna-akarsani, able to attract Krsna – that is our objective. Everyone has their own capacity. Some people talk, some people are quiet; some speak three words per day and others never stop. We must engage everyone naturally, according to their capacities, but remember that it is not only about our propensities. If we want to attract Krsna, we must use all our propensities, abilities and talents in His service but then also do the needful.

Here in Sanket, Krsna comes to meet His devotee mid-way. Srimati Radharani is the top-most, pure, unalloyed devotee, but Krsna is so kind that He could also come meet us! So let us make a plan to attract Krsna. Although, I do not want to attract Krsna just for myself, but I want to attract Him for others as well. We must also try to awaken others’ feelings about Krsna.\

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