eParikrama 2020 Day 30 – Vrndavana

8240114101?profile=RESIZE_584xWe end our eParikrama right here in the Sri Sri Krsna-Balarama Mandir in the heart of Sri Vrndavana dhama. We meditate on the holy dhama through the harinama and pray that we are able to evolve our consciousness so that we are always situated in Vrndavana. Check out Maharaja’s kirtans and lectures below, along with a few photos, from his many journeys to Vrndavana over the years.

We are in Vrndavana to collect some spiritual fortune. That is why we came. We need something to take back; something that will give us a little more strength in our chanting and absorption in the Srimad-Bhagavatam; something to overcome our material desires which usually bother us like flies buzzing around. You can chase them away but they always come back. We need a tail to deal with all these flies. Animals do, and since we are two-legged animals, we also need one. For all these material desires we do have a tail; we have a sikha and the ladies have a braid. (laughter) If you do not have a tail then you are in trouble and the flies will get you. I have got a mini tail that does not want to grow. What to do? (laughter) The point I am trying to make is that we need more spiritual strength. So this Vrndavana parikrama is for that. Going to these places gives us mercy by creating samskaras or impressions.

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