It is explained in the scriptures that on the route to the spiritual world, one will have to pass through the irresistibly attractive heavenly planets. Only very rare and fixed up souls are able to get ahead of these tests and boldly march ahead to the spiritual world. Most decide to take a break and engage in their rendezvous at the highly-eulogized heavenly pleasure gardens. Thinking about making my journey through these heavenly realms without getting stranded in these heavenly realms is a scary thought. My only hope is, if I meet some devotee in those realms who helps me stay inspired and focused on the path to the spiritual world with an unwavering mind by reminding me as to how close I am to see the Supreme Lord face to face.  

At every step in our journey to the spiritual world, we are fully dependent on the association of the devotees of the Lord. Without their mercy and grace, we will be helplessly lost, being mesmerized and captivated by the attractive creations of the Lord that we will miss our golden chance to meet the All-attractive Supreme Creator of all creations.
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