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Engaging Bulls In Proper Service - from Govardhan eco village

Dear All,
Pamho, AgtSP
It is a fact that if the Bulls are not engaged in work then there cannot be optimum cow protection. A successful ISKCON related project is already running, located about 100km from Mumbai.  
I have also attached a Bull powered electric generator from the Gita-Nagari Project for anyone interested.
Cow dung slurry when digested anaerobically produces methane or natural gas, which is a fuel. AT GEV the Cow dung is used to produce electricity by a biogas plant and generator. The slurry which is left over after the digestion process is a top grade organic fertilizer which can be directly used in farming application. Cow urine also finds its utility as a natural pesticide when used in a diluted format. Ayurveda, the most ancient and versatile medicinal science in the world, describes Cow dung and urine as possessing special medicinal properties, proving the utility of Cows beyond the milking period. Unaware of this fact, many Cow owners in India, sell the Cows to slaughter houses once the Cow stops milking. With a view to discourage slaughter of old and invalid cows, GEV has also successfully demonstrated a cottage industry<link to cottage industry> manufacturing varieties of products from Cow dung and urine, proving the utility of Cows in all stages of its life. GEV also holds various training programs for interested people, who want to make a living by protecting cows.
In order to demonstrate the utility of bulls, they are engaged in varieties of activities like
Oil extraction
Flour grinding
Internal transportation
Water pumping

Other initiatives by IIT students, carried out more than 8 years ago are interesting.:
"In case of animal-driven electricity generators, the motion of the animal is used as a productive source of power generation. The device requires a pair of bulls or buffaloes for providing the input power. It has been tested at the Aarey milk colony, Goregaon," pointed out Shah.
Bhakta Piyush simplivDec11_02.pdf 

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