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Your one stop solution to all kinds of spiritual challenges...

Do you question yourself - Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Why do good things happen to bad people?  Why am I not happy?

Our prime objective is to provide you with holistic 360 degree assistance in terms of spiritual counseling in order to assist you in your quest for permanent happiness and transcendental bliss. We aim towards resolving any kind of challenges/ issues/ hindrances that you may be facing in your daily lives or any bottlenecks that may be occurring in smooth functioning of your spiritual activities. 

Just like the mirror is covered by dust, fire is covered by smoke similarly our consciousness is covered by the veil of illusion. Srila Prabhupada says: “This material world is ‘dukhalaya ashasvatam’ - it is like a prison house”. Thus the human form of life is a chance for the living entity to escape the entanglement of material existence. Therefore, through our E-Counseling, we practically guide you on how to transcend the three modes of material nature i.e. goodness, passion and ignorance. Further we wish to empower devotees with the torchlight of knowledge by eliminating the darkness of ignorance so that they can experience eternal bliss.

Our Objectives:

  • To solve all your spiritual doubts, queries and challenges
  • To assist you in the process of reviving your original love for the Lord
  • To guide you on the path of getting out of the endless cycle of birth and death
  • To ensure holistic mental and spiritual well-being
  • To uplift your spiritual consciousness and purify your heart from the influence of mundane material miseries
  • To distribute practical knowledge and ascertain that each and every member gets equal chance to contribute which inturn would enable them to go back home, back to Godhead.


For Males:

# H.G. Kartikeya Dasa, View his profile, Qualifications - M.S. (Microelectronics) BITs Pilani, 
# H.G. Ram Krishna Dasa, View his profile, Qualifications - M.S. (Operations) Mumbai University Email: ramkrishnadasa.rgs@gmail.com
# H.G. Haladhar Dasa, View his profile, Qualifications - PGDCA (post graduate diploma in computers after graduation in arts) 
Contact No. +91 97790 33448, Email: haladhardasa.sda@gmail.com
# H.G. Karunapati Kesava Dasa, View his profile, Qualifications - M.S (Software Systems) BITS, Pilani,
Contact No. +91 98802 96269E-mail: skarthitw@gmail.com

For Females:

# H.G. Radha Rasamayi Devi Dasi, View her profile Qualification - C.A. working in Corporate house.
# H.G. Swastika Devi Dasi, View her profile Qualification - B. A. Psychology, Masters in Industrial Psychology, E-mail : ashwati12@gmail.com 
# H.G. Nritya Gopika Devi Dasi, View her profile Qualification - BE (Computers), ME (Information Technology), Mumbai University, Contact No. +91 7666 839 839,Email: help.ngdd@gmail.com


Srila Prabhupada says: “No one can render better service than one who distributes the knowledge of spiritual self-realisation in relation to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Since the living entity has very little knowledge about self-realisation, they are not getting any relief, although they are very anxious to attain peace of mind and some substantial happiness”
IDT E-Counseling services invites volunteers to be a part of this exciting initiative.

Eligibility Criteria: Knowledge about Vedic scriptural injunctions and strong desire to bring about a positive transformation in the lives of people.

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  • Hare Krishna !


    Prabhu ji From recent few months i am not able to worship my deities and think of them because whenever i try to worship or think, some unwanted thoughts and images gets triggered into my mind.

    I searched on internet and get to know that these are the symptoms of the Religious OCD.I am troubled because of intrusive thought and unwanted images and some compulsive behaviours and i am not able to find the way out.

    All the time i am thinking that what will happen if krishna would get upset from me...what would happen if they get to know that their devotee is thinking like this....whether they are going to punish me for my thoughts and images.....and whether they will accept my prayers and devotion or not etc etc.
    All day long, i am busy in thinking like this and fighting with myself.
    I get the very bad and sometimes sexual thoughts also and this the sexual one is just horrible ....later i think that how my mind can think like that...
    I searched on internet but not getting any solution.
    Please Prabhu ji instrruct me..!🙏🙇‍♂️

    Please Please Please help me and guide me to the new sun....🙏🙏🙏🙏🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
  • Hare Krishna
    I am 35 year old engineer; recently read bhagwad geeta and start on the path of bhakti marg though i am naive… i am working professional lady and have a small daughter of 5 year old. Help me connect with some devotee of ISKON who can guide my way and bring me closer to Lord Krishna
    My email id is kuljeet.av@gmail.com i stay in gurgaon
  • my contact number is 0507906849
  • Hare Krishna prabhu ji, I am Archana working in private sector in Dubai, please help to get connect with isckon temple and devotees in Dubai.
  • Hare Krishna
  • The Bhagavad Gita says, “Don't focus on the outcome of any work”, but the secret says, “Visualize a positive outcome of your work”. Which do you think is true?
  • where to write our queries and doubts... is this the forum?
  • Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Raam Hare Raam Raam Raam Hare Hare
    Hello everyone,
    i am 18 years old and following bramacharya i would like to what term can i call girls of my age, i use prabhuji and it has no concers wrt age and for older women i use mataji.So i am confused i can use the term bhenji but it may seem that i am teasing them or something so please suggest me a word.
    All glories to sri lila prabhupad Hari bol
  • Hare Krishna

    Prabu ji mai 16 round jap dail karta hu. abhi tak mai chandan ke mala se jap kar raha tha. ab mai TUSLI mala se jap karna chata hu. Mera question yeha hai ki mai old mala ka kya krau.
  • Hare Krishna. I want help from ISKCON regarding to how to understand Bhagvat Geeta and how to concentrate our mind. Please give me help.
This reply was deleted.