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While lying down on a bed of Arrows, Bhismadev gave many instructions to
Maharaj Yudhistri. As he talked he noticed Drupadi smiling. HE inquired from
her as to way she is smiling.

Drupadi asked him where your wisdom was? When the Kauravas was disrobing her
in the royal assembly. Where was his knowledge when she was been humiliated
in the presence of all the great warriors.

Bhismadev replied that because he eaten grains in the house of those that
where envious then his blood had been contaminated by their consciousness. But
know that he lay on a blood of arrows all that contaminated blood has been
removed from his body and his consciousness has been restored.

*Purport by His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja.*

From this we learn that we should be very careful who’s food we eat.. if we
eat the food of wicked people our consciousness will become wicked. Even
Bhismadev’s consciousness became affected, eating the food of the Kauravas.

The other lesson is that one matter how wise we maybe if our consciousness
is contaminate then we will not be able to act properly.

Therefore Bhismadev blood had to be drained out, then only he was situated
in proper consciousness.

*From His Holiness Radhanath Swami.*

Bhismadev then gave an instruction that five people should be always
protected. The elderly, cows, women, children and brahmanas. Drupadi again
challenged Bhismadev asking why he speaks such statement. When she was been
disrobed he did not protect her.

Bhismadev told her that because he failed to protect her on that that day,
today he is lying on a bed of arrows. Bhismadev could never be killed by any
one. But because he failed to protect Drupadi then his life was cut short.

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