Dramas and Plays by Bhaktimarga Swami

I'm off on Turkish Airlines to participate in (actually to direct) yet another drama called, "Grandsire," regarding the life of General Bhisma.  It is another one of those stories of a Vedic tragic hero.  I'm going to arrive, hopefully, early enough to get a few days of practice before staging this ambitious production.  I call on miracles to happen because I do want to do justice to the character of this fine warrior.  He is detailed in the epic, Mahabharat.  Audiences in Durban, South Africa, should be pleased.
Just around the corner, Vaishnavas, bhakti-yogis,will be celebrating Ramnaumi, the birth of Prince Ram.  I will not be able to assemble a production in His honour, as time is restricting, yet the meditation on His divine heroism will be a compulsion that will be unavoidable.  Yes, Ram had to combat evil forces in the form of Ravana, and succeeded after a great struggle.  Saturday, we celebrate the pastime of Ram, and the tales of other lords and ladies in the Vedic context I have scripted.  I have scripted approximately twenty-five dramas, directed those plays, and made them meditations in my life.  They are my ecstasies.
After the launching of, "Grandsire," in South Africa, I will proceed to Mauritius for the return of, "Gods and Demons," a lively take about the churning of the milk ocean.  It is always fun and enriching.  It's very physical for the actors and I'm sure it will delight.
May the Source be with you!

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