Hare Krishna,
Dandvat Pranam to all,

I have a doubt regarding the point that once a soul goes back to krishna he never returns to this material world.

My questions are:

1) Is the total number of souls constant?

2) If constant, then wouldn't the number of souls go on decreasing and tend to 0 because liberated souls never return back

3) Chaitanya mahaprabhu said to vasudeva datta, that just because of his desire all the souls in the material world were liberated at the instant itself, but a new batch was ready to fall down.

      a) If all souls were liberated and new batch of souls fell, then are we the new souls who fell into this material world just a few hundred years ago?

 I have been searching for the answers to these questions for quite sometime , but have not got satisfactory answers. Some say that its beyond our material mathematics. But that argument seems to be just a way of evading the question. 


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