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Don't Be Complacent !!!
It is very important that we tune our intelligence to the good fortune that we have received & never take it for granted , That is why it is important to associate with people who truly understand the value of the gift we have received and hearing from them .
When we read srila prabhupada books , when we come to the classes of devotees ,when we listen to tapes , we should actually have this intent ,not just to hear as entertainment but to understand , I desperately need to hear to keep my consciousness aware of the good fortune I am receiving as well as the dangers of Maya & one of the greatest of all Maya's arsenal to overcome us is the danger of complacency.
Krishna tells us in gita we must give up egoism & lethargy , two terrible enemies lethargy can be both on gross and subtle platform , on gross platform we are just lazy , we just want to sleep, we don’t wanna do work , we would rather just not exert our senses , because its difficult .that’s the physical form of lethargy & more subtle form of lethargy is to take the unlimited value of the fortune of krishna consciousness as something ordinary or as they say for take it for granted
When we were new devotees we were struck with wonder of what a great fortune it is to hear Srimad Bhagvatam , its answering all my questions & the holy name is giving me relief from material existence its giving me a taste for krishna , When we first come to the temple and eat Prasad & see the deities , we can feel how it's liberating our soul & the fact its always liberating our soul , but as we become familiar we take it to be ordinary & as we take it to be ordinary we are not accepting the benefits so we must maintain enthusiasm , gratitude , to all the various subtleties of devotional service it is very important , because if we become complacent in our devotional activities than it’s a matter of time till Maya again attracts us to perform her activities .
We have to have determination therefore when we come to class , when we read the books we should really be trying to reconfirm of the awareness of the mercy I am receiving and reciprocate with that mercy , every time we chant japa we should really be praying and struggling to be grateful & reciprocate with this great mercy I have received through krishna 's holy names , it’s a miracle it’s a wonder but we just turn on the station , chant our rounds & then when it’s the time for the next show we turn it off , we should be very conscious not to fall in that trap because if we do we will lose interest in that station & then we will start turning on other stations at that time .Maya will seduce us , so we have to struggle against this complacency . We have to pray , we have to endeavor & specially we must very very attentively hear those messages that will reconfirm our awareness of the dangers of material life , the beauty & sweetness of krishna , the glories of devotional service & how fortunate we are that by the mercy of guru & krishna we have received this chance

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