Doing A Loop by Bhaktimarga Swami

8154136654?profile=RESIZE_400xMy cousin, Corry, her hubby, Eric, and our young Muslim friend, Victor, came together to talk spiritual. And it wasn’t a conversation devoid of opinions about the American election. Political opinions often tend to polarize people. It occupies many peoples’ lives. Spiritual conversations can do the same—occupy and polarize. At least our group succeeded in hitting common ground when talking stayed on the other-worldly thoughts.

I had shared my realizations with Gabriel of St. Mary’s. We dwelt on Chapter 2 of The Gita, which deals with the qualities of the soul. He picks up on spiritual thought very quickly. Very enthusiastic he is!

Then it was time for checking outdoor temperatures. Yes, it was very inviting. Very Krishna! We managed to follow a loop I’ve now done, on and off, for 30 years. I’m not sure what other pedestrians are doing. It is very individualized when it comes to chalking out a trail for an hour or so of walking.

Studies have been done on raccoons about their prowling in the night. The researchers have concluded that they do their nocturnal hunt while following some pattern. It is a repeated route, moving within a two block radius of their tree home.

The one hour loop went great. No conversations though, but chanting on my beads was in progress. The job was done.


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