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I was navigating my way through the fairly unknown pathways of the grounds at University of Toronto – the nooks and crannies, you might say.  In my exploration with the sun strong enough to cast shadows I could see from the end of one narrow alleyway a shadowing figure of a human shape, bent over.  “A homeless person,” I concluded, but as I reached the alley’s end I found a middle-aged, middle-class woman smelling the flowers.

“Hello!” said I or she.  I wasn’t sure who began the conversation first yet we got onto talking all about the smell of the bright daffodils.  “I didn’t know they had a sent,” I admitted to the woman who was really poking around at nature, a laudable thing to do.  We started walking, distancing ourselves adequately.  She led me to a small growth of violets.  Neat.  You never know what you’re going to find in a nook-hood.

I came upon the space of what they call Queen’s Park, where the provinces legislature takes place—a handsome building, really.  I sat there, looked at it square off and was surprised to see that the edifice isn’t symmetrical in design.  You wouldn’t notice that until you took a hard look.
It seems to me that in your own neighbourhood there are always new mysteries to explore.  It’s rather fun.  On my return to the ashram I noticed Mr. Hockey (my words for a sculpture in Yorkville) has this mask over his face—a statement on safety during the creepy corona invasion.

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