Will it be enough? Will I dedicate myself enough that when the time of death comes, that I will really be anyābhilāṣitā-śūnyaṁ (Nectar of Devotion 1.1.11); free from any other motivation, and that I can just turn to Krsna and say, “Krsna I am yours and I have no other interest than your interest and as you desire”. Will I develop abhayaṁ sattva-saṁśuddhir (Bhagavad-gita 16.1); develop that spirit of fearlessness. This fearlessness is required where we have to shift our focus and look at Krsna’s interest.

We must look at:
What does Krsna want? What does Krsna need?
What am I doing to contribute to that?
What am I doing to offer Krsna what He needs?
What am I contributing in my character and in my behaviour?
In other words, what am I contributing in my consciousness and in my actions?

Everything in my consciousness should be for Krsna. At least everything in my consciousness should be focused on Krsna. All my activities must be connected with Krsna, every single one of them. All my actions must be a constant string of activities which are connected with Krsna consciousness, and these activities must directly engage in Krsna’s service or indirectly support Krsna consciousness. Now, what to do if we are professionals in the world. We are devotees, but we also have some material profession. Then let us use the fruits of that work for the service of Krsna and that is how we can maintain a Krsna conscious lifestyle. So, what are we bringing to Krsna? I am not only bringing Him my consciousness. I am also bringing to Him my actions. Even when my consciousness is not perfect, I hope that my actions are going to make a difference, because after all, Krsna is merciful and Krsna can be purchased by mercy. So, I hope that whatever I am bringing to Krsna will be enough to purchase His mercy.

So, the more we focus on bringing Krsna the most wonderful offering called, ‘our life’, the more we focus in this way, the more we can be truly fearless. But when we face Krsna at the time of death, then there are all kinds of loose ends and slip-ups and things. Therefore, this is the moment to collect our wealth. This is the time to collect the treasures, not for ourselves but to collect the treasures for Krsna and let us come before Krsna with a huge collection of wonderful gifts. Then Krsna will be so pleased, that the time of death will be a moment of great happiness. 

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