Dear Mind by Bhaktimarga Swami


Some days you are a friend

Some days you are foe

You swing moods up

You swing them low

I can’t always trust

You’re not in one place

You respond well to lust

Big dose or a trace

You lead me to greed

It’s not what I want

You convinced it’s a need

In truth it’s a taunt

When there is anger

Pent up inside

You then do hanker

To push it outside

I don’t know why

You are so cruel

Cunning and sly

And wanting to rule

You’re some kind of clown

Silly and joking

A laugh or a frown

Nabbing and poking

Yet you are subtle

Silent and swift

Keen to befuddle

On your full-time shift

You are your worst

When the body is idle

Every bubble you burst

To retain your title


But my dear Mind


I’m not your slave

I’ll reverse the role

Get you to behave

And be under control

It’s my turn to reign

So settle down — sit

Magic is in the name

It’s the perfect fit

Now just cooperate

And take out your sting

Let us then celebrate

With mantra we sing


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